Obesity in Dogs

Did you know that well over half of our canine buddies are overweight or obese? While Fido is still adorable if he’s a little chubby, those extra pounds can cause him some very serious health issues. A local Mt. Airy, MD vet discusses doggy obesity in this article.

Health Risks

Overweight dogs face many of the same risks as obese people do. Chubby pups have elevated chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, bone/joint problems, liver and kidney issues, and even skin trouble. Obesity can even shorten your beloved pet’s lifespan!

Doggy Diets

As you may have noticed, Man’s Best Friend has a very healthy appetite. In fact, many dogs will eat pretty much anything and everything they can. Offer your pup a nourishing, high-quality food, but don’t overfeed him. Just giving your pooch a few extra calories a day will cause him to pack on a pound a year. That may not sound like much, but it’s actually quite a lot for a dog! Follow your vet’s recommendations for portion sizes and feeding schedules.


When it comes to doggy nutrition, begging is a topic of its own. Many of our furry patients have their humans firmly wrapped around their paws. The occasional snack is fine—and actually beneficial—but don’t go overindulge Fido’s love of bacon. Of course, our canine companions are absolute experts at giving us that sad stare that melts hearts. If you absolutely can’t resist your dog’s theatrics, offer him a carrot stick instead of that meatball he’s hoping to score. Remember, you aren’t doing your four-legged pal any favors by letting him become obese!

Fido’s Fitness Routine

Fido will need regular activity to stay strong and healthy. Your pet’s age, weight, and health will all play factors in his activity needs. Some of our four-legged buddies require an hour of vigorous play, while others only need a short walk around the block. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Helping Your Dog Trim Down

Just like people, dogs need to lose weight slowly to do so without compromising their health. Sudden drops in caloric intake can wreak havoc with Fido’s metabolism, and can make him very sick. Ask your vet for nutritional recommendations.

Do you know or suspect that your furry friend needs to trim down? Call us today! As your local Mt. Airy, MD pet clinic, we are always happy to help!

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