Pet Care Tips for Hot Weather

Finally, summer is here. It’s a safe bet that your pet is as excited as you are to enjoy the warmth and sun! Just make sure your animal friend stays safe this time of year. Here, your Mt. Airy, MD vet offers a few tips to do just that:

Indoor Time

The easiest way to protect against summertime’s main pet dangers—heatstroke and dehydration—is to give your pet plenty of indoor time and not leave them outside for long stretches. Keep exercise sessions short, and try to have your pet exercise outdoors in the morning or evening hours, when it’s a bit cooler. Lastly, make sure to provide your pet with a large dish of cool, fresh water to drink from whenever they please.

Sunburn Tips

If your pet stays out under the sun for too long, they’re at risk for sunburn. That’s right, pets can experience painful burns and blisters just like humans can! Hairless pets, of course, are at an increased risk, but almost any pet can experience sunburn, especially on areas like the nose tip or ear edges where fur isn’t very thick. Try using a canine- or feline-formulated sunscreen to combat the problem if your pet must stay outside for long periods.

Toxic Plant Life

Your pet might be spending more time outdoors now that it’s warm and sunny. Remember that a wide variety of plants and flowers can prove toxic to pets who manage to ingest them! The list includes elephant ear, the sago palm, ivy, various aloe plants, lilies, dieffenbachia, rhododendron or azalea, philodendron, tulips, daffodils, and much more. To be safe, don’t let your pet chow down on plant life of any sort.

Pest Protection

This time of year, pests like ticks, fleas, and a variety of worms present a serious threat to your animal companion. Fortunately, it’s easier, cheaper, and safer to avoid the problem entirely using pest preventatives! Ask your veterinarian if your pet is in need of preventative medications; a flea-and-tick medication, as well as a heartworm preventative, should keep your pet safe all year round.


Pet identification is important all year round, but it’s especially helpful in the summer when doors and windows tend to stay open. Talk to your vet if your pet needs ID tags, a microchip, or both.

Want even more great tips for summer pet safety? Contact your vet in Mt. Airy, MD.

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