Your Cat’s Aversion to the Litter Box

Did you know that about one in every 10 cats will experience an aversion to the litter box at some point in their lifetime? If your feline friend is shunning their bathroom, don’t worry––you’re not alone! Below, your Mt. Airy, MD veterinary professional lists some of the most common reasons that cats give up on their litter boxes.

Box Cleanliness

One of the major reasons that cats avoid their litter boxes is because of unclean boxes. Your cat may decide to stop using the bathroom altogether if the box isn’t cleaned often enough! Try scooping your cat’s box out on a daily basis, and change out the litter entirely about once a week to make sure that things stay fresh.

Litter Preference

There is a variety of litter types out there, and different cats like different kinds. Some cats like clumping litter, while some will insist on non-clumping. Your cat might enjoy very fine, almost dust-like litter, or they may prefer a larger granule size. There are also litters made with different scents and different base materials. You may have to do a little experimenting to find a litter type that your cat likes!

Box Location

Where your cat’s bathroom is located is very important. First of all, make sure it’s in a spot that’s accessible at all times, even when you’re not home. If a screen door or some other obstacle blocks their path, your cat will be forced to go elsewhere! Secondly, put Fluffy’s bathroom in a quiet, out-of-the-way part of the house, where they won’t be disturbed by human family members or other pets.

Negative Conditioning

If a cat is startled or frightened while using the litter box early on in life, they might associate the box with bad things as an adult. This could require the help of an animal behaviorist or a professional trainer to correct––contact your vet if you think your cat might associate her bathroom with fear.

Medical Concerns

There are plenty of medical issues that could cause incontinence, including infections, serious diseases, and injuries. If your cat has been eliminating outside of her litter box and you can’t seem to determine another reason why, take her to be examined at the vet’s office. You’ll want to have any medical concerns addressed right away!

For more information on your cat’s bathroom routine, contact your Mt. Airy, MD animal hospital. We’re here to help!

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