Easy Care Tips for Your Dog’s Coat of Fur

When was the last time you made a point to take care of your dog’s coat? While our canine companions’ grooming needs can vary based on fur type, hair length, breed, and other factors, it’s important that you do your part to keep Fido looking his best. Here are a few easy tips from a Westminster, MD veterinarian:


Brushing your dog regularly can make a world of difference in how your pooch looks and feels. Brushing removes loose or dead fur from the coat, and gets rid of grime under the coat. Additionally, brushing your pooch helps to spread natural skin oils through the entire coat of fur, moisturizing it and cutting down on the amount Fido sheds. Ask your veterinarian about a brush and bristle type that will work best with your dog’s particular fur.


Bathing your dog occasionally is another great way to maintain their appearance, and it also ensures that your canine companion smells their best. Always make sure to use a canine-formulated shampoo, as shampoos made for humans or for other animals might be too strong for your pup’s skin. Take care not to bathe your dog too often, as this can backfire and dry out the skin and fur, leading to a coarse coat and an increase in shedding.

Great Diet

One of the simplest ways to keep your dog’s coat in good shape is to feed him a high-quality diet that contains the proper nutrients needed for good skin and fur health. By giving your dog a great food choice, the skin and hair follicles stay in tip-top shape—that makes for a smooth, shiny, and healthy coat of fur.

Ask your vet to recommend a great diet choice for your dog’s needs, based on Fido’s age, weight, and breed. Don’t forget to ask about a proper portion size so that your dog doesn’t overeat and risk obesity.

Parasite Prevention

It’s easy for a parasitic infestation from fleas or ticks to sideline your dog’s coat quality, not to mention his overall health. Make sure your dog is on a heartworm preventative and a good flea-and-tick control product; these measures will keep almost all dangerous pests at bay. Contact your veterinarian today if your dog needs these preventatives.

Would you like to learn more about your dog’s grooming needs? We’re here to help. Call your Westminster, MD veterinary clinic to schedule an appointment.

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