Hug Your Cat Day

June 4th is a special day for our feline friends: it’s Hug Your Cat Day! If there was ever an animal that was made to be hugged, it may very well be the cat. Fluffy is very soft and cute, and she even vibrates when she’s happy! A Westminster, MD vet offers tips on hugging cats in this article.

Fluffy’s Rules

Our feline overlords have some pretty strict guidelines about when and how you can pet them. Rule #1: it’s always up to Fluffy to decide when hugging time starts, and when it ends. (Your cat may demand cuddles at the most inopportune times possible, but that’s just ‘purr’ for the course.) Rule #2: Cats can change their minds about whether or not it’s hugging time at any given moment. Rule #3: Never hug a cat that doesn’t want to be hugged.

How To Properly Hug Your Cat

Some cats love being picked up, while others don’t much care for it. If you do pick your feline pal up, be gentle with her. When you are holding her, make sure that her bottom and hind legs are supporting her weight. Never hold your furry friend by the midsection: this can actually cause internal injuries. When hugging time is over, gently let your cat down. Kitties hate being dropped, and who can blame them?

Kids Hugging Cats

Hugging cats can be very beneficial for kids. Our feline companions can teach your young ones about friendship, kindness, and unconditional love. These are all important life lessons! If you have very young children, supervise all interactions between your children and your kitty. You may want to have your youngsters sit or kneel on the floor for kitty hugging time. That way, if Fluffy tries to get away or gets dropped, she won’t have far to drop.

The Magic of Hugging Cats

Did you know that kitty hugs are good for us? Fluffy’s little engine runs at frequencies between 25 and 140 Hertz. These same frequencies have been shown to promote healing, and are often used in physical therapy. Hugging cats is also very relaxing. This can help people with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other issues. We’ve always suspected that cats are a little bit magical!

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