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Holiday Care for Kitties

December 15 2019

The holidays are approaching fast. Soon, we’ll be seeing all sorts of adorable photos of our animal companions in seasonal settings. This can be a dangerous time of year for pets, though, so pet parents may want to take a few precautions. Here, a Westminster, MD vet discusses caring for kitties during the holidays.


In the wild, trees provide cats with shelter, napping spots, vantage points, escape routes, and nail care stations. Kitties are basically hardwired to want to climb them. Your pet will definitely notice when a tree pops up in her domain! Hang the majority of the decorations—especially anything breakable, sharp, fragile, or glittery—on the top part of the tree. Also, avoid putting the tree in a spot that offers Fluffy easy access.


Many popular plants, including poinsettias, ivy, yew, holly, and mistletoe, are toxic to cats. Ribbons, tinsel, ornament hooks, string lights, candles, pine needles, and anything small, sharp, or breakable are also hazardous. Keep these things well out of reach of your kitty’s cute paws!


Some cats are very calm and nonchalant, and will happily hop from lap to lap in their endless search for ear scritches. Others will race for their favorite hiding spot as soon as the doorbell rings, and won’t emerge until all visitors have left. If you have a scaredy-cat, make sure Fluffy has plenty of places to hide. If you’re hosting a meal or party, you may want to put your kitty in a quiet back room with food, toys, and a litterbox. Just let her sleep through the festivities.


Snow, weather, chemicals, and traffic all pose serious dangers to our feline pals. Keep your kitty safe and sound indoors!


Fluffy definitely deserves a special treat! Offer her some canned tuna or chicken in water; sodium-free broth; shredded deli meat; or plain, cooked poultry or fish, without the skin, bones, or fat.


Santa Claws is on the way! Beds, catnip, toys, treats, and pet furniture are all great kitty gifts. Or, you can sign Fluffy up for her very own subscription box.


Carve out some quiet time for yourself during the holiday bustle. Enjoy a night in, and settle down with your cute pet and a good seasonal movie. That sounds absolutely purrfect to us!

Happy Holidays! Please reach out to us, your Westminster, MD vet clinic, anytime!