Care to Share Program

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Refer a friend or family member…  

and both of you will receive a $25 credit towards any visit …
PLUS a big dose of love from all of us too!

Here at Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic our daily passion is to exceed your expectations… and it is fantastic clients like you that makes doing what we love even better!

Many of you already recommend us to your friends and family, and we wanted to show our appreciation with a special Care to Share program that will be FUN for both you and whomever you refer!

Here’s how it works: take some Care to Share cards home and continue sharing the love to any other pet parent you feel would be a good fit with the Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic family (think about those who love their pet more than anything else!).

And now… when your friend or family member becomes a new client each of you will receive a CARE TO SHARE $25 credit towards anything we offer (food, treats, toys, or even your next visit!).

The more pet parents just like you… the more fun and enjoyable it is for everyone! Here’s to building the best “PET CRAZY” community ever!

Have fun & start SHARING THE LOVE today!

They’ll receive a $25 credit (and love you for it)… and as a THANK YOU you’ll receive a $25 credit too!




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    • Joan SearsJoan Sears

      Wonderful veterinary Clinic. I highly recommend Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic to anyone . They are like a family to us,we have been going to them for years, very caring and helpful,Love them.

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    • Tyler Shircliff is the bossTyler Shircliff is the boss

      After searching all of frederick looking for a vet to help our 4 month old puppy who has a broken leg, we gave up on the thought of getting him help. We heard the same thing with every phone call. "Sorry, we need to be paid on time of service" the lowest price was literally $350 to begin. Then he was going to need surgery which is $3500, if you cant come up with the $3500 we will have to amputate. It became a race against time to somehow come up with this money. When we pulled all our resources and still fell short, we found absolutely no compassion with any veterinarian in frederick. My sister in law happen to come across this number, my mom called and I cant tell you how refreshing it was talking to someone who really does care for our fur babies. My mom took lucky in today and hasn't stopped talking about how kind everyone was. Thank you so much!!!!! My children, mom, and myself have cried over this puppy thinking the worst cause no one wanted to help and lucky was suffering cause we didnt have $3500 sitting around ready to use. Thanks again for your help. You will forever have our animals as clients.

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    • James SipesJames Sipes

      My little Jack Russel Star died from Cancer. It felt like my heart had died. They were so kind to me. They even took the time to hard write a Sympachy card.

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    • Becca FlaterBecca Flater

      Wonderful office.. friendly, caring and professional staff.. we personally love Dr. Megan Bray! She is great with our boxer, Deuce.. she takes the time to answer questions and explain further if needed. Truly trust her recommendations and never feel pressured. Always a good experience! No issues and we've brought all of our dogs here since 1997. Highly recommend!

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    • Rhonda BergRhonda Berg

      I've had pets for over 60 years but never had a veterinarian service as wonderful as your practice. From your state-of-the-art facilities to your highly skilled vets, who instill confidence and the kind and compassionate staff, Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic is the best of the best. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of my Chandler.

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    • Heather J.Heather J.

      Had a great experience here, brought in our Lil puppy for his well check up. The Doctor and staff were very polite, answered all our questions and concerns.... Read More