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Kate has always been a nurturing soul—she loves being able to help not only pets, but the loving owners who care for them as well. She’s been working in the veterinary profession ever since she was 16 years old, and has been a member of the Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic family for more than 17 years!

Kate is originally from Media, Pennsylvania and moved to Carroll County with her family when she was only 11 years old. At 16, she began working at the front desk of a local veterinary hospital alongside her mother.

Next, Kate joined the team here at Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic in the summer of 2001, where she began helping pets as a Veterinary Technician before transitioning into a reception role after the birth of her daughter. She particularly likes the large-animal side of her job and has a special fascination with embryo transfers, but her favorite part of the work is getting to develop relationships with the hospital’s clients over time.

Kate’s interests outside of animal medicine include vacationing at the beach, camping in the mountains, and spending quality time with her family at home. She and her husband, Jason, have a son named Owen whose main interests include T-ball and dinosaurs; Kate also has a daughter, Jillian, who is already very active in the 4-H club and loves animals just as much as her mother. The family shares their home with Shadow, a loveable mutt whose boundless energy can cheer Kate up on any day of the week.



When Ashley and her husband bought their farm, Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic became their source for large-animal veterinary care. Over time, they developed a close relationship with the veterinarians here—when a position opened up for a reception role, Ashley knew that it was the natural next step! She’s been a member of the clinic family ever since.

A native of Montgomery County, Ashley grew up riding horses thanks to her mother’s position as Manager of a large horseback-riding facility. When her parents purchased a horse-boarding operation in Howard County, her passion for animals only deepened. After raising her son as a stay-at-home mother for 13 years, Ashley was happy to accept a position here at Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic in the fall of 2015.

Most of Ashley’s free time away from work is spent with her family. She and her husband, Peter, own and operate a cattle farm, where they raise and show Hereford cattle. Their son, Karson, continues to show cattle all over the country! The family also shares their home with two dogs: Chester, an attention-loving Pointer, as well as Stella the Red Heeler.


Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

Ivy grew up with dogs her whole life, and always felt drawn to the earth’s creatures in a natural way. Caring for pets is simply what she’s always wanted to do! She’s proud to continue her journey in veterinary medicine as a member of Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic’s front-desk team.

Ivy was born in Glenn Dale and grew up in Mt. Airy, Maryland. She was only a senior in high school when she started interning at a local animal clinic. Next, she moved on to a dog kennel where she would help pets for the next two years. Around that time, Ivy began bringing her own pup here to Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic for care—when she heard about an open position at the front desk, she jumped at her chance to apply. The rest is history! Ivy has been a member of the hospital family since April of 2019, and loves to continue learning new things while meeting and greeting the area’s pets and loving owners on a daily basis.

Away from work, Ivy enjoys listening to music, attending country concerts, and spending time with her friends, family, and pets. She has two dogs of her own: Hank, a German Shepherd/Labrador/Black Mouth Cur mix, and Cash, a pit bull. The adorable dogs are loving four-footed brothers who spend all their days together. Hank’s favorite pastime is playing with any toy he can get his paws on, and Cash craves pets and cuddles from Ivy.



Rhonda always had dogs and cats in the family while growing up, and her desire to help them live the best lives possible only grew as she got older. For her, working with pets and a team of animal-lovers just like herself is a dream come true! She’s a proud member of Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic’s front-desk staff.

A native of the Baltimore area, Rhonda launched her veterinary journey as a Kennel Assistant, then received on-the-job training to become a Veterinary Technician. In July of 2020, after hearing great things about Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic and its staff, she decided to make a switch and joined the hospital family. Rhonda couldn’t be happier with her choice! She especially loves learning new things on an almost daily basis, and her favorite part of every shift is getting to meet and greet the area’s pet owners and their adorable companions.

Rhonda’s interests outside of veterinary care include gardening, home decorating, and spending quality time with her family and pets. She and her husband are parents to two grown children and a wonderful granddaughter, Ella, and they share their home with four rescued dogs: three Shelties and an Australian Shepherd.


Veterinary Assistant

Like most veterinary professionals, Kathy has adored the company of animals ever since her earliest days. She wanted to do more than simply admire pets, though—she’s always made it her mission to ensure that animals are well cared for so that they can live happy, joyous, and fulfilling lives! Kathy has been doing just that here at Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic for more than 25 years.

Kathy is from Chesapeake City, Maryland and began working with animals when she and her husband operated a 700-acre dairy farm; she’s been tending to cows for more than 30 years, and hasn’t stopped caring for animals professionally since. When an injury prevented her from continuing work on the farm, Kathy joined the Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic family in May of 1992. She helps the area’s pets as a Veterinary Assistant, and also assists in surgery one day a week and takes care of all inventory and ordering for the hospital.

Kathy and her husband have one son and are proud grandparents to three wonderful grandchildren. At home, they live with six feline companions: Milk Weed, Stella, Jack, Joey, and two outdoor cats.

Ivy S.

Veterinary Assistant

Ivy grew up in the countryside of Taneytown, Maryland surrounded by farm animals and wildlife; it wasn’t difficult for her to develop a love and appreciation for the earth’s creatures early on in life. She’s been involved in the veterinary field ever since she was 16 years old—Ivy’s passion hasn’t wavered since!

Ivy was still in high school when she secured an internship at a local veterinary hospital through the school’s career connections program. It didn’t take her long to realize that this was the perfect path—after graduation, she enrolled in the veterinary assistant track at Carroll Community College. She accepted her first job at a hospital in Hanover, Pennsylvania, gaining crucial skills that have served her well to this day, then returned to Maryland and signed on at a clinic in Westminster.

After giving birth to her two sons, Ivy decided to move on to another hospital—that’s when she signed on here at Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic. She started as a receptionist before transitioning in the role of Veterinary Technician; Ivy especially likes getting to spend one-on-one time with patients in the exam rooms and her favorite part of the job is critical cases and assisting in surgery. In total, Ivy has been helping to improve the lives of pets for more than 15 years!

Ivy and her husband, Michael, live in Carroll County with their two sons, Mitchell and Jonathan. When she isn’t spending quality time with her family or caring for pets here at Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic, Ivy can be found weight-lifting at the gym, listening to music, cleaning, and relaxing in the great outdoors.

Lindsey M.

Veterinary Assistant

Lindsey’s parents have operated a dairy farm for almost 40 years—for her, animal care was simply a part of life while growing up. Working closely with large-animal veterinarians and learning even more during her 4-H projects only cemented her desire to work with animals herself! Lindsey gets to do just that on a daily basis as a member of Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic’s talented care team.

Lindsey grew up in Frederick, Maryland and moved with her family to Union Bridge at the age of 12. She started working at a local veterinary clinic immediately after high school until she headed off to college—Lindsey joined the team here at Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic in January of 2011 after moving back home with her degree. As a Veterinary Assistant, she enjoys helping with surgeries and talking with new pet owners during puppy and kitten examinations.

Outside of work, Lindsey is actively involved in fire rescue and has been a volunteer for 10 years—she even finished paramedic school recently! She also enjoys dancing, traveling, and spending time at home with her family and their animal companions. Lindsey has an Australian Shepherd, Miley, a house cat named Annie, and two show heifers, HaHa and Freda.


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Brooke grew up with dogs and cats around the house and started riding horses when she was very young. She also showed lambs in the 4-H club and helped her grandfather with his dairy and beef cattle. Her entire life has been spent around animals—for Brooke, working hands-on to better pets’ lives in the veterinary profession simply makes sense!

Brooke obtained an internship here at Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic during her senior year of high school, affording her the opportunity to get direct experience in the veterinary world during her studies in animal science. She was offered a position with the clinic team before her internship hours were even completed—Brooke was more than happy to accept! As a Tech, she especially likes monitoring and medicating patients, and routine wellness visits always bring her great satisfaction.

When she’s not at work, Brooke can be found hiking in the great outdoors, horseback riding, four-wheeling, and enjoying the company of her own animal companions at home. She has two dogs—Ziggy the Icelandic Sheepdog and a Great Dane named Mako—as well as a horse, Snickers, and a cat named Carly.


Veterinary Assistant

Kaitlyn’s grandmother was a huge animal lover, rescuing as many pets as she could and frequently volunteering her time to the local Humane Society. Kaitlyn decided to carry on that legacy—for her, helping as many of the earth’s creatures to live happier, healthier lives is a dream come true! She’s proud to serve as a member of Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic’s Veterinary Assistant team.

A Carroll County native, Kaitlyn dabbled in the graphic design and food service fields before deciding to jump headfirst into what she was truly passionate about: animal care. When she came across an advertisement for Carroll Community College’s Veterinary Assistant program, she knew that she had found the perfect fit. Before she knew it, Kaitlyn had signed up for the course and launched her journey in veterinary medicine!

Kaitlyn started here at Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic in late 2018 in order to complete her clinical hours for school. When her educational requirements were finished, she was happy to accept a job offer! Kaitlyn has been serving the area’s pets and animal owners as a Veterinary Assistant ever since.

When she’s not at work, Kaitlyn likes making art, baking, and doting on her own pets at home. She lives in New Windsor with her fiancé and three dogs: Lila, a rescued Labrador mix; Molli the Schnauzer/Poodle mix who has been with Kaitlyn for many years; and Calli, a loveable Schnauzer/Poodle/Chihuahua mix.

Lindsey W.

Veterinary Assistant

Lindsey grew up in Elkridge, Maryland with her parents, younger sister, and plenty of family pets. She’s known ever since she was a little girl that she would love to help better the lives of others’ animal companions. Now, Lindsey couldn’t be happier to continue her journey in the world of animal care—she’s a proud member of Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic’s Veterinary Assistant team!

After a stint working in child care, Lindsey decided to follow her passion and jumped headfirst into the veterinary care world. She enrolled in a Veterinary Assistant course at Carroll Community College, and the rest is history. When it came time to complete clinical hours, Lindsey signed on here at Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic, and she’s been a member of the hospital family ever since.

Around the clinic, Lindsey particularly likes examining X-rays and working hands-on with patients in the exam rooms. Most of all, she loves getting to know the families of the area’s animal companions and watching pets grow and mature over the years.

Away from the office, Lindsey enjoys cheering on the New York Yankees—she goes to a baseball game at least once per season!—and spending quality time with her family and pets. She has one pet at home: Hudson, a playful French Bulldog.


Veterinary Assistant

When she started riding horses 11 years ago, Autumn knew almost instantly that she would love to work with animals professionally. Having brought her own pets here to Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic for many years, she knew that it was the perfect way to satisfy her love for pets and her desire to learn more about the field. Autumn gets to better the lives of pets on a daily basis—she’s a member of the kennel team!

Autumn is a Carroll County native and was first exposed to the world of veterinary care after taking an animal science class. She signed on here at Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic to gain hands-on experience in the field of pet care, and she’ll soon be enrolling in Carroll Community College’s veterinary technology program. Autumn will help pets as a Veterinary Technician in the future! For now, she likes to help each and every boarding pet feel as comfortable as possible, and she enjoys meeting their loving owners as well.

When she isn’t at work or on horseback, Autumn can be found practicing her photography skills—she won third place out of 100 people at a photography competition!—and spending quality time with her family and pets at home. Along with her beautiful draft horse, Druid, she and her family share their lives with two dogs: Tilly, a Cockapoo whose favorite pastimes are eating and sleeping; and a Yorkie named Charlie who likes to let everyone know if Tilly has a toy.


Kennel Assistant

When Ari Krach was just 7 years old, she experienced her first anxiety attack, something that would become more and more frequent. Each time she had an episode, her devoted dog, Biskit, would stay closely by her side, providing comfort and support. Over the years, throughout many personal struggles, and at times when there wasn’t anyone to help her through, Ari always found comfort in the company of an animal. She knew it was her purpose to help them because they had always helped her.

Ari’s family had been bringing their pets to Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic for years. At the age of 16, she asked to shadow one of our vets over the summer. After graduating high school a semester early, Ari officially joined our team as a Kennel Tech while continuing to shadow our veterinary staff.

Her day-to-day duties include keeping the kennels clean and comfortable, cleaning and sterilizing materials for surgery, keeping up with laundry, tending to the animals in the kennels and assisting her coworkers with handling and appointments. One of Ari’s favorite things about her job is exploring different breeds and personalities of the patients because each animal has their own unique character.

Outside of work, Ari lives in Carroll County with her parents and older brother. Her fur family consists of Biskit, who is still super active, despite his age, and Moosey, an energetic puppy who finds in everything – especially playing with ice cubes.

Ari’s hobbies include singing and dancing, both of which she’s done competitively. She also enjoys performing in theatre, an activity for which she’s been nominated for multiple awards, including “Best Musical” at the 2017 Baltimore Cappies.


Veterinary Technician

Jenna grew up on a farm in Maryland with lots of animals around her, including cows, horses and plenty of good dogs. As she got older, she became very active in the rodeo. During that time, Jenna witnessed many instances in which a horse or dog became ill and needed medical intervention. This fascinated her, and ultimately sparked an interest in one day working in the veterinary field. As one of the technicians here at Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic, Jenna is living that dream and loving every second of it.

Not surprisingly, Jenna’s journey began on various farms, where she worked to gain more knowledge and experience. She officially joined the Taylorsville team in 2021, after moving back to Maryland. One of Jenna’s favorite things to do on the job is advocate for animals who are unable to speak for themselves. She also gets great satisfaction in seeing animals recover from their illnesses and knowing she played a small role in those happy endings.

At home, Jenna considers herself part of her boyfriend’s family. Their shared interests include hunting, fishing, going to the beach, and spending quality time together. She has three fur-babies of her own, including a German shepherd named Ruger, who is obsessed with balls; a Catahoula hanging tree mix named Slack, who is extremely protective of Jenna; and a quirky blue heeler named Dally, who likes to chomp her teeth while waiting for her food.



Bio coming soon!


Veterinary Assistant

Bio coming soon!


Veterinary Technician

Lauren grew up watching Steve Irwin and Jane Goodall on Animal Planet, and it made a permanent impression. Being able to help pets in need has been a goal of hers ever since she can remember she’s always known that she would end up in an animal related career field. Lauren is thrilled to launch her journey in veterinary care right here at Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic!

Lauren is a Carroll County native and graduated magna cum laude from McDaniel College with her Environmental Studies degree in late 2016. She joined the Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic family in March of the following year—her family has been bringing their own pets here to the hospital for many years, and Lauren is proud to now serve alongside the very staff that have shown her four-legged friends care and compassion in the past! She finds that she especially enjoys wellness examinations, diagnostic work, and radiology. Most of all, Lauren likes learning new things every day and getting to know the pet owners of the area.

When time permits away from the office, Lauren enjoys spending time with family, reading, kayaking, and drawing and crafting.



When Katelyn was in middle school, her beloved husky suffered a spinal injury. She accompanied her to every vet appointment, and ultimately helped rehabilitate her to be able to walk again. The experience left an indelible mark on Katelyn and sparked a desire to one day seek a job where she could help animals for a living. As a veterinary technician, she is thrilled to provide exceptional care to our patients!

Katelyn began working at a different clinic shortly before COVID hit. Once things opened back up, she moved on to another hospital before ultimately joining the Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic team. Professionally, she enjoys helping her colleagues in any way she can, whether it’s answering phones or distracting a stressed out patient. She also has a special interest in oncology.

At home, Katelyn has a super smart dog of her own named Rylee Danu. Her middle name represents the Irish goddess of wisdom and knowledge. The growing list of commands Rylee currently knows includes: sit, stay, wait, place, high five, left and right, down and play dead.

When she’s not busy teaching Rylee new tricks, Katelyn enjoys creating custom pet portraits for friends, as well as clients who have lost a beloved pet. She was inspired to do this by her husky, who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2019. Some of her other hobbies include cooking, baking, and watching the show MAS*H. A former professional singer, Katelyn once sang at Carnegie Hall in 2015.



As a child growing up in Woodbine, MD, Christina found herself surrounded by animals of all shapes, sizes and species. From dogs and cats to chickens, goats and horses, her experience with animals at a young age would ultimately shape her path as an adult. Today, not only does Christina get to work with animals on a daily basis, but she is also living her lifelong dream of having a farm of her own.

Christina’s journey into the veterinary world began several years ago. Since that time, she has been inspired by countless clients and patients. The feeling she gets at the end of the day, knowing she’s helped someone else who loves their pets as much as she does – that’s priceless. As receptionist here at Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic, Christina loves the fact that she’s making a difference in the animal world.

Outside of the clinic, Christina and her husband, Jay, live on their Mt. Airy farm with their dogs, cows and goats. Pups Drake and Winston love helping out on the farm, and seem to have convinced one of the goats, Chili Weasel, that she’s actually a dog. All of the animals keep Christina and Jay on their toes, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.