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5 Purrfect Reasons To Adopt A Barn Cat

February 15 2020

Do you have a barn or farm? If so, you may want to add another four-legged ward to your roster. Fluffy is actually a great farm worker! Read on as a Mt. Airy, MD vet lists some reasons to consider getting a barn cat.

They’re Great Hunters

First and foremost, our feline friends are excellent at pest control. In fact, kitties’ prowess at clearing vermin away is likely a good part of the reason we domesticated them in the first place. While most homeowners are no longer particularly appreciative of Fluffy’s hunting skills, it’s a different story for people with barns. Mice, rats, and other vermin spread dangerous diseases, and can cost thousands in lost or contaminated feed. They also chew wires, which is of course not something you want going on in a barn. You may find that a barn kitty will more than earn her keep by hunting!

They’re Independent

Barn kitties aren’t entirely self-sufficient: they still need food, water, shelter, and basic veterinary care. However, your furry little pal won’t require any training, and she won’t need to be entertained. She’ll be perfectly content just being herself!

They’re Fun

Many people find that hiring barn kitties is both beneficial and rewarding, not to mention highly entertaining. Fluffy is certainly good at providing comic relief on stressful days!

Help Feral Cats

If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance that, like us, you love animals and want to help them. Adopting a barn cat is a wonderful way to help a kitty in need! Being a barn cat can be a great option for feral cats. Although some feral cats are quite friendly, that doesn’t mean they make good pets. Some never get used to using litterboxes, while others are just too wild to adapt to being a housecat. Barn life, on the other hand, is a happy medium that can allow Fluffy to retain her independence, collect some ear scritches and cuddles, and still receive basic care. Talk about a win/win!

They Often Bond With Animals

We’ve all seen some adorable moments of kitties hanging out with cows, pigs, and other animals. Who knows? Fluffy may become best buds with one of your other animals!

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