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10 Ways to Keep Flies Out of Your Barn

May 15 2020

Summer is on the way … and so are the flies. If you have a barn, farm, or stable, we probably don’t have to tell you how annoying the flies can be. Fortunately, there are some ways to reduce the amount of flies that are annoying you and your animals. A Westminster, MD vet lists a few options below.

Fly Strip

First and foremost, we have the fly strip. This is probably the most tried-and-true option, if not the prettiest. Remember to change them out regularly.

Manure Management

Have your manure picked up and brought to an off-site location regularly. We recommend getting this done at least every two weeks. Also, keep manure piles as far away from the barn as possible.

Commercial Products

Commercial pesticide products, such as timed-release products, can be very helpful in combatting flies. However, before signing a contract, do some research and consult your vet. The chemicals used in these products can be too harsh for some people or horses.


Screens were invented to let air in while keeping bugs out. They still work! Install screen doors in your tack room and feed rooms.


Did you know that spraying a mix of water and vinegar on manure piles can help combat flies? You can also spray it on stall walls and in your stable aisles.


Keep up with your animals’ parasite control products! Supplements can also be useful here. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


Flies don’t do well against strong air currents. Put some industrial fans in your barn. This is also good for air quality.

Sealed Trash/Feed Bins

Make sure that your feed bins all seal tightly. Old chest freezers actually make great grain bins. Just choose one that won’t lock automatically. Also, use garbage cans with secure lids, and dispose of trash and empty feed bags immediately.

No Standing Water

Standing water attracts all sorts of bugs, and often becomes mosquito nurseries. If your property has spots that just stay wet, look into ways to improve drainage. Also, don’t let rainwater collect in things like wheelbarrow or containers.


Keeping outdoor areas clean is also important! Remove manure piles regularly, and don’t let piles of debris accumulate.

Do you have questions about your horse’s health or care? We can help! Contact us, your local Westminster, MD vet clinic, today!