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Fall With Fido

October 1 2020

New ParagraphFall is almost here! As stores fill with pumpkin-flavored everything, many of our canine patients are going to be romping around, jumping in leaves, and enjoying the cool weather. Here, a Westminster, MD vet lists some things to do with your dog this autumn.

Take A Walk

This is the perfect time of year for taking a long walk with your furry best friend. A crisp fall day, a cup of your favorite tea or coffee, and stunning foliage can all make for a wonderful afternoon! Take your canine pal to a pretty park or trail, and enjoy the scenery and fresh air.

Fashion Fitting

Dogs with thin fur need some extra protection from the cold. Go through your pet’s things, and make sure everything is clean, in good condition, and still fits. If you like sewing, you can turn an old sweater into an outfit for Fido. Or, get a pattern online and start from scratch.

Online Shopping

Could Fido use a new bed before winter? Do you need to stock up on paw balm? Dreary fall days are great for online shopping! There are all sorts of things you can get for Fido online, from mechanical ball launchers to toys to dishes to treats. Heated or thermal blankets are a good bet for many pups. Pick up a few things for yourself as well.

Parasite Control

Fleas and ticks won’t entirely go away when it gets cold: many of them will try to get indoors. Many wild critters are also out and about. Make sure Fido is current on his vaccinations, exams, and parasite control.

Doghouse Prep

Dogs should live indoors, with the rest of the family. However, Fido does enjoy having a spot of his own outdoors. If your pet has a doghouse, make sure that it’s clean, in good repair, and well-insulated. You may want to reposition it, so the door opening faces away from prevailing winds. You can hang thick strips of plastic in the door to keep wind, rain, and snow out.

Photo Session

There’s no bad time to take Fido’s picture. However, autumn foliage can make for some gorgeous photos of your canine buddy. (Tip: you may want to get a squeaker so you can get your pup’s attention.)

Please reach out to us, your Westminster, MD vet clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!