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5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy

April 1 2021

Pets truly br ighten up and enrich our lives with their cute faces, adorable antics, and unconditional love. The bond we can form with our animal companions is both beautiful and precious. However, being a good pet owner entails much more than just filling bowls and doling out treats and ear scritches. Keeping your four-legged friend happy and healthy takes work and commitment! A Westminster, MD vet lists some ways to keep your pet healthy below.

R  egular Exams

Regular checkups are very important! These allow your vet to spot minor changes that could indicate a developing medical issue. This is very beneficial, as it’s always best when a problem can be caught and treated early. You may want to look into wellness care plans. These can make it much easier for you to budget for your pet’s basic care needs. Ask us for more information.


Grooming is just as important for pets as it is for people. Keeping your four-legged friend clean will help fight many skin infections and parasites. It will also help maximize their coat’s insulating properties, helping protect them from the weather. Paw (or hoof) care is also important, as is dental care.


Small touches can make a big difference when it comes to keeping pets healthy. A clean, comfy environment will go a long way here. Dogs and cats will appreciate things like toys, bedding, and play sessions. Horses and cows need clean stalls and regular turnout time. Fresh water is a must for any animal.


This one probably won’t apply if you have a dairy cow or a champion rodeo horse. However, with dogs and cats, we do recommend getting your pet fixed. You’ll have a calmer, happier, healthier pet after the procedure . Ask your vet for more information.

Safety Precautions

There’s alm ost no end to the ways that our animal companions can hurt themselves. While there’s no way to prevent every possible mishap, taking some precautions will reduce the odds of something going wrong. For dogs, we recommend keeping Fido leashed or in a yard. Cats should be kept indoors. Horses and cows should be kept on clean, dry ground that is free of potential hazards. With all animals, you’ll want to remove things like toxic plants and other dangers.

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