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Farm Animals Awareness Week

September 1 2021

National Farm Animals Awareness Week starts September 11th! We believe that all animals, no matter what size they are, deserve to be treated kindly, and to live happy, comfortable lives. Farm animals are quite different from dogs and cats, however. They are susceptible to different diseases and injuries, and they have highly specific care needs. Here, a Westminster, MD vet offers some tips on how to help farm animals.

Support Rescue Programs

There are many wonderful rescue programs that help give rescued farm animals second chances. Consider supporting one of these. Donations of money or supplies are always welcome. However, many of these places also need and appreciate volunteers. You may find that spending an afternoon brushing a sweet cow or bottle-feeding a baby goat is much more rewarding and fulfilling than you expected.

Buy Responsibly

We all know that factory farms are horrible places. Try to support companies that follow sustainable, ethical practices. Many times, small, local farms and dairies fit the bill. It’s also nice to support your local community!


In addition to animal rescues, you can also look into ways to support programs, such as the 4H club. If you have children, bring them to country fairs and petting zoos, and let them see and interact with farm animals. (Tip: the Double Z Cowboy Corral is a good one here in Maryland.) Watching movies, documentaries, and TV shows about farm animals may also help. There are some great ones to choose from! Some of our favorite family-friendly options would include classics like Charlotte’s Web, Chicken Run, Babe, and, of course, the always-adorable Milo and Otis.


This one isn’t really right for everyone. Cows, sheep, goats, horses, llamas, and all other farm animals require significant space, work, and food, and, most of all, a commitment to good care. That said, if you have a suitable property, and your schedule and budget have the room for it, it may be something to consider. You may also be able to sponsor a rescued animal.

Spread The Word

Sharing awareness of certain days and issues on social media is also beneficial. Post some adorable pics or videos of farm animals this week, and help spread the word!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Westminster, MD animal clinic, we are here to help!