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Reasons To Adopt A Senior Pet

November 1 2021

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! This really is a wonderful cause, and one we hope to see getting more awareness. Too many animals find themselves abandoned or rehomed as they grow older. That’s very sad, because they have lots of love to offer, and ask very little in return. A Westminster, MD vet lists some great reasons to consider older animals below.

Less Training

When you get a puppy, or perhaps a colt or filly, you know you’ve got quite a bit of training work ahead of you. Older animals usually are already trained, and often have a pretty good idea of what is and isn’t permitted.

Calmer Demeanors

Baby animals are almost impossibly cute. They’re also almost impossibly mischievous. By the time animals have reached their golden year, they’ll have pretty much burned through most of their zoomies. You won’t need to worry about plucking your senior cat off your drapes as you would a kitten.

Discounted Fees

Because older animals often take much longer to get adopted than young ones, shelters often offer discounts as an incentive. Saving money is always a good thing!

Immediate Mood Boosters

Young animals are adorable, but senior pets are just as cute in their own way. There is something very peaceful and heartwarming about seeing an older dog faithfully trudging along beside his human, or watching an old horse snoozing in the sun. Who doesn’t want a pet that always puts a smile on your face?


This one isn’t an across-the-board experience, but you may also find that older animals can be great teachers for young pets. Many are also great with kids.

Save A Life

Sadly, many animals in their senior years have fairly slim odds of enjoying a peaceful retirement. Even giving one a chance to live out their years in a peaceful, comfortable retirement is a wonderful act of kindness. That really matters! You may also find it very rewarding and fulfilling.

Promote Good Animal Welfare

When you adopt an older animal, you’re setting a great example for others. You may also notice a bit of a ripple effect. People you talk to about your pets may have never considered adopting an aging animal themselves, but may become curious.

Please reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Westminster, MD animal clinic, we are here to help!