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6 Ways To Celebrate The Day Of The Horse

December 1 2021

Horse lovers, perk up: December 13th is the Day Of The Horse! Silver may have lost some of his status and duties over the past century, as cars and machines now perform many of the tasks horses used to do. However, he’s still our friend and companion, and is definitely deserving of some extra attention. Here, a Westminster, MD veterinarian lists some ways to make your horse’s day extra special.


Grooming of course isn’t necessarily a special task: Silver needs to be brushed regularly. His hooves also need daily attention. However, there may very well be days that you just give your buddy a basic brushdown, and times when you go all-out. Giving your equine pal the full beauty treatment, including mane and tail conditioning and detangling and hoof care.

Gear Replacement

Ill-fitting tack is uncomfortable for both you and your hooved buddy. If you need a new saddle, or perhaps a better saddle pad, take advantage of those holiday sales and get one! A new blanket is also a great gift.


Horses enjoy treats just as much as our other patients. Apples, carrots, peppermints, and sugar cubes are some of Silver’s favorites. Your horse may also appreciate a warm bran mash, or perhaps some homemade cookies. Look for recipes that use only horse-safe ingredients, such as oats, carrots, honey, and molasses. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


Unfortunately, there are many horses in need of good homes. There are quite a few rescue organizations that work with rescued and/or retired horses. Consider taking some time to go help one of them. There’s always plenty of work to be done around a stable!

Photo Session

We love seeing seasonal photos of our patients. Silver can take some super cute pictures! Try snapping his picture near a gate with a wreath on it. Or, if he’s amenable, balance a Santa hat on his head for that perfect snap. Just don’t let him eat his props! 


Horse movies are a perfect option for a chilly December night. Make some hot cocoa, and settle in with a few classics. Black Beauty is always beautiful, if a bit sad. Other good options include the Spirit movies, the Cloud documentaries.

Happy Holidays from Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic, your Westminster, MD pet hospital. Please contact us for all your horse’s veterinary care needs!