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Celebrating The Horse 

March 1 2023

Today, March 1st, is National Horse Protection Day. This is definitely a cause we want to help support. With the possible exception of the dog, no other animal has done as much for humankind as our equine friends. In fact, Silver literally has literally carried us through history! Horses have not only carried us from place to place, they’ve also ridden into battle with us, helped us clear land, and become vital in managing cattle and livestock. They are also a crucial part of our early culture and history. A local Westminster, MD vet lists some reasons to celebrate our hooved pals in this article. 


Horses have been around for about 50 million years. In that time, nothing has changed their lives and history as much as the invention of the automobile. However, while horses are now pets or sporting companions to many, Silver does still earn his keep in certain areas. Ranchers still use cowboys to move herds of cattle. There are also many valiant police horses out there. Additionatlly, horses have proven to be wonderful therapy animals, and have helped many who are afflicted with PTSD, physical disabilities, and/or other challenges.

By The Numbers

Horses may not be as common or popular as they were until the 20th century, but they’re hardly obsolete. The horse industry pumps a whopping $122 billion into America’s economy every year. There are about 7.25 million horses in the U.S. today, with Texas, unsurprisingly, having the highest number among the states. Some other interesting tidbits about our hooved friends? There are more than 350 breeds of horses, from the teeny-tiny Shetland pony to massive Percherons and other draught horses. Lastly, here in the U.S., we share our land with about 90,000 wild ones.


So just how does one observe National Horse Protection Day? There’s no shortage of great books and movies to check out, whether it’s a new option or timeless classics like Black Beauty, National Velvet, and The Black Stallion. If you have a horse of your own, do something special for Silver, whether it’s providing a yummy treat or taking him on a fun ride. You can also help by spreading the word and reminding people how important horses are to us. Use the hashtag #dayofthehorse.

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