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4 Reasons To Adopt A Greyhound

April 15 2023

April is Adopt A Greyhound Month. There’s no bad time to adopt a Greyhound; these sweet, loving dogs make wonderful pets, but are often overlooked. If you’re considering getting a new canine companion, Fido may be a great fit for you. In this article, a local Westminster, MD vet lists some reasons to consider bringing a Greyhound into your family.


One thing that makes Greyhounds really special is the fact that they love to snuggle. Many have spent much of their lives in kennels, and really just want someone to love them and pet them. Fido’s love and devotion may quickly melt your heart!


Fido can make a wonderful family dog. Greyhounds generally are not prone to aggression, though they tend to be a bit timid and reserved with strangers. They can also get along well with cats, though this can vary from pooch to pooch. 

Easy Keepers 

Greyhounds are most well-known for their speed. Many people assume that these guys just need to run all day, every day. However, that isn’t actually true. Fido does love a brisk jog or stroll. However, once he’s had his daily workout, he’ll probably just want to nap. In fact, Greyhounds are such couch potatoes that they often do well in apartments! They’re also pretty low-maintenance as far as grooming goes. Light brushings and occasional baths will keep your furry pal’s coat soft and shiny.

Kindness Matters

Greyhound racing is now illegal in many states, with the exceptions being Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Texas and West Virginia. While there aren’t as many retired race dogs in need of good homes as there were a decade or two ago, there are still plenty of sweet, former racers out there in need of good homes. Giving one of these gentle souls a second chance at happiness may not change the world, but it will definitely change Fido’s world. 


There are some things potential owners should know before adopting a Greyhound. For instance, they are very, very sensitive to chemicals and medication. They also have unique physiology: their blood test results will look a bit different from other breeds. Fido will also get cold in winter, and will need a warm bed and a comfy sweater. Ask your vet for specific care tips. 

Do you have questions about Greyhound care? Contact us, your Westminster, MD animal clinic, anytime!