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Summer Care For Barn Cats

May 15 2023

Summer is on the way! As the weather warms up, much of the focus among farmers and ranchers turns to helping pregnant animals give birth safely, tending to the babies, and protecting herds and flocks from the heat. Don’t forget about your barn cats! Many kitties are more than happy to help with pest control in exchange for room and board. However, Fluffy does need good care. A Westminster, MD vet offers some advice on summer barn cat care below.


Keeping cats properly hydrated is crucial in summer. Cats can overheat easily when it’s hot, and it’s hard for them to cool off. Make sure your feline pals always have plenty of fresh water available. Change the water out daily: otherwise, the bowls will soon be contaminated by bugs and germs.

Parasite Control

Fluffy is a very efficient little hunter. Actually, your feline buddy may be worth her weight in gold here. Barn cats can help protect grain stores, reduce the spread of disease and parasites, and keep critters from chewing through wood and wires. (They also look adorable doing it.) However, kitties that actively hunt are often exposed to parasites and germs. Keeping up with your furball’s wellness care will benefit the whole barn. Add Fluffy’s wellness care to your veterinary appointment agenda when you make the appointment.

Veterinary Care

Speaking of veterinary care, it’s also important to make sure that your kitty has been fixed. Cats can reproduce very quickly: a single pair can have 370,092 descendants in just seven years! Making sure that Fluffy doesn’t add to those numbers is simply the responsible thing to do.


We’d strongly recommend having your feline friends microchipped, and putting ID tags on them. This will not only be helpful if your kitties were to ever get lost, it can also come in handy for feeding. You can get feeding bowls that only unlock for a specific microchip. This can help keep bugs and critters out of Fluffy’s kibble. 


While some barn kitties are aloof, friendlier ones often like to follow their human and animal friends around. Keep an eye on your furry little helper. You don’t want to accidentally lock Fluffy into a shed or storage room! 

Do you have questions about your barn cat’s care? Contact us, your local Westminster, MD animal clinic, today! We are always happy to help!