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Lost Pet Prevention Month

July 1 2023

July is Lost Pet Prevention Month. This is certainly an appropriate time, with the Fourth Of July coming up. Lost pet reports often spike around the summer holiday. The noise and commotion of fireworks and parties are often terrifying to pets. Even the most loyal and loving animal may bolt if they are scared. In this article, a local Westminster, MD vet discusses lost pet prevention, and offers some advice on keeping pets safe.

Preventative Measures

As the saying says, an ounce of prevention is worth several pounds of cure. Taking a few steps now can greatly reduce the chances of your furry friend getting out. If you have a yard or pasture, make sure that your fencing and gates are secure, and that your animal companions can’t go over, under, or through it. ID tags and microchips are also very important: they won’t stop pets from getting lost, but can be game changers when it comes to getting them back. GPS tags may also be something to consider, especially if you have a pet that is prone to running off.

Fourth Of July Safety

You’ll want to take some extra precautions this week. Bring animals inside before dark, and don’t let Fido run around off-leash. If your four-legged buddy is extremely nervous, consider turning on a radio or TV to mask the noise. You may also want to look into pet-calming products, such as weighted shirts or calming pheromones. Also, walk and/or play with pets before the sun goes down, to help them burn off any excess energy.

What To Do

What happens if your animal companion goes missing? Start the search immediately. You’ll want to begin by canvassing your local neighborhood. Check ditches and wooded areas. Another thing you want to do right away is make a flier to share both online and in your local neighborhood. Be sure to offer a reward! This can greatly increase the chances of someone returning your furry best friend to you.

Helping Other Pets

This is one topic where you can also lend a helping hand to others. If you see a stray animal, report it. If you can do so safely, capture it and bring it to a local shelter. You can also mix and match lost and found ads.

Happy Independence Day! Contact us, your Westminster, MD pet hospital, anytime. We’re here to help!