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Hug Your Hound Day

September 1 2023

September 10th is an important day for Man’s Best Friend: it’s Hug Your Hound Day! Our canine companions are very devoted, and they deserve lots of love and hugs. Of course, given that this is a hound day, we’re going to put these smart pups in the spotlight for this post. Read on as a Westminster, MD veterinarian discusses hound dogs.

Hound Basics

Hounds are, by definition, dogs that were bred to help hunters. These very good boys have their own group in the AKC registry. There are three types of hounds. Sight hounds hunt by chasing prey they can visibly see. They do not typically bring game back, but chase it and/or hold it until their humans catch up. They tend to be very fast and sleek, and cover ground quickly. The Greyhound is an example of a Sight hound. Scent hounds tend to have exceptionally keen noses, and are great trackers. Some examples of Scent hounds include Fox Hounds, Bloodhounds, Basset Hounds, and the small but fierce Dachshund, which is the only pooch that hunts both above and below ground. There‚Äôs also a third category, Other. These pups use a combination of tactics, and thus don’t fit into either the scent or sight hound groups.


There are dozens of breeds of hound dogs. These cute pups come in all shapes and sizes, from the lovable little Beagle to the massive Irish Wolfhound. While they are all different, they do share some common traits: such as a keen interest in hunting and tracking. In fact, your canine pal may be a bit obsessive about this. Of course, this can manifest in different ways. With Greyhounds, for example, this comes out in Fido’s fixation on chasing squirrels. A Bloodhound, on the other paw, is more interested in following scents.

Hugging Your Hound

The name for this doggy holiday is actually a bit of a misnomer. Most dogs don’t really like hugs. Fido may not mind if you hug him. Some pups live for getting attention and affection from their owners! However, it’s not a good idea to hug a strange dog. Hugs, in doggy language, are actually a sign of dominance, so this can be mistaken as a threatening behavior. Of course, no matter what type of hound you have, toys, treats, and playtime are great ways to brighten up Fido’s special day.

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