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Kittenproofing Tips

November 1 2023

Are you planning to welcome a kitten into your home soon? Has a tiny ball of fur just joined your household? Cats are cute and fun at any age, but they’re ridiculously adorable as babies. Of course, when little Fluffy isn’t busy charming your socks off, she’ll be getting into all sorts of mischief. You’ll need to take a few steps to make your home safe for your furry little adventurer. A Westminster, MD vet offers some advice on that in this article.

Small/Sharp Items

Little Fluffy is going to be very focused on mastering the use of all of those claws and teeth. Anything small is a good target. This is quite dangerous, as small objects are nearly always choking hazards. Sharp items are even more hazardous. Keep anything you don’t want your tiny buddy playing with in secure spots. That includes things like beads, buttons, craft kit pieces, small toys, coins, earrings … the list goes on.


Our playful feline pals often can’t resist batting at anything ropy or stringy. Unfortunately, these items can choke or entangle kitties, and can cause very serious—and potentially life-threatening—internal injuries if ingested. And while string toys are safe and fun for kittens, you should always put them away after use. Little Fluffy could get tangled up if she tried to use them by herself! Drape cords and wires should also be addressed.


Poisonings are one of the most common sources of emergency visits. This is dangerous for any pet. However, because kittens are so small, they’re at risk from even tiny amounts of unsafe substances. Make sure your home only has non-toxic plants. You can find a list at the ASPCA website here. You’ll also need to keep chemicals out of paws’ reach. That includes things like drain openers, detergents, paint, cleaning agents, and lawn/garden products.

Plastic Bags/Ties

Plastic is definitely not safe for our feline buddies to play with. However, Fluffy apparently never got that memo. Even worse: she seems to really like the taste or texture of plastics. Don’t let your little pal play with plastic wrappers or ties.


You’ll also need to keep close tabs on little Fluffy’s whereabouts. Kittens can get under chairs and cushions, get stuck in small spaces, fall into toilets, or hop into an open dryer. Ask your vet for more information.

As your Westminster, MD pet hospital, we love seeing kittens grow from tiny bundles of fur to happy, healthy adults. Contact us anytime!