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Cute Ways to Entertain Your Cat

March 1 2018

Did you know that kitties can get bored? Fluffy certainly does enjoy taking naps, but even the sleepiest furball can’t snooze all the time. Making sure your pet is getting enough entertainment and stimulation is very important! Read on as a local Westminster, MD vet discusses some adorable kitty entertainment options.


First things first: make sure that Fluffy has lots of fun toys to play with. Cats all have their own unique tastes, so offer your furball a variety of playthings.

Pet Furniture

Cats love to explore nooks and crannies. They also like to climb to high vantage points, so they can stare down at their kingdoms and servants with that smug look kitties do so well. Fluffy may also enjoy batting at your sleeves as you walk past. Get your kitty a cat tower, or perhaps some cat shelves, so she has some vertical space.


If you leave Fluffy alone while you go off to earn money for kitty litter, keep a TV on for her. If you want to go a step further, order some DVDs made just for cats. Some kitties love watching programs about birds and squirrels!

Kitty Garden

While we recommend that cats stay indoors, there’s no reason that Fluffy can’t get a little taste of nature. Set out some pet-safe plants for your furball. Your kitty will love nibbling on green leaves, or peeking out from behind them. Check the ASPCA site for a full list of nontoxic plants.

Window Seat

Even if your kitty has never hunted anything in her entire life, she’ll still enjoy watching birds and squirrels, and daydreaming about pouncing on them. Offer your pet a comfy window seat with a good view. To make it more entertaining, put a birdfeeder up where your cat can see it.


Did you know that you can download apps just for Fluffy to play with? Some kitties really enjoy ‘catching’ digital mice, bubbles, or feathers!


As far as Fluffy is concerned, the best kitty toy around is you. Take time to play with your feline pal every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. This will get your kitty up and moving, and will also offer her beneficial mental stimulation.

Do you have questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care? Call us, your Westminster, MD pet hospital, today!