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How to Keep Cows Happy

November 1 2019

Did you know that content cows produce more nutritious milk, and in greater amounts, than unhappy ones? They’re also easier to handle, not to mention friendlier. What does it take to keep Bessie happy? A Mt. Airy, MD vet offers some tips below.

Good Basic Care

This one applies to all of our animal companions. Feed your cows a proper diet, and provide them with a clean, comfortable shelter. Also, make sure Bessie always has access to plenty of fresh water. This is especially important in winter. When troughs and buckets freeze, cows can easily get dehydrated.


Cows are very social, and really don’t do well if by themselves. Bessie doesn’t necessarily need to be in a herd of hundreds, but she’ll definitely be happy with some ‘cowhorts’ to pal around with.

Dry Ground

In one Brazilian study, researchers found that cows don’t really care for puddles. Maybe this is an instinctive fear, perhaps based on some nasty slips and falls. Or maybe Bessie is worried about snakes. Then again, cows may just not like having wet feet. Whatever the case, a study showed that simply filling in puddles with dirt resulted in happier cows. Who knew?

Gentle Treatment

This one probably won’t be much of a shock. Cows that are treated gently and compassionately are much happier than those who were handled roughly. We strongly believe in treating animals with compassion, no matter how big or small they are. Be gentle with your cows, and offer them treats and ear scritches.

Pasture Time

Cows are always happiest simply doing what cows do best: eating grass and napping in the sun. Make sure your cows have adequate pasture. This is one area where bigger is always better: the more land you have, the less likely it is to become overgrazed.

Color Coordination

This one is a bit of a head scratcher. Apparently, Bessie doesn’t care much for bright colors, and she doesn’t like anything with a high contrast between dark and light. That was ‘moos’ to us!

Veterinary Care

While Bessie may not really understand why the doctor comes to visit, she will be much healthier—and therefore happier—with proper care. Keep up with your bovine buddy’s veterinary care needs!

Do you have questions about cow care? Contact us, your local Mt. Airy, MD animal clinic, today! We’re dedicated to offering great care.