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Signs of Sickness In Cats

March 15 2020

Kitties are very mysterious little furballs. Fluffy can be extremely purrplexing, especially when it comes to showing signs of illness. Cats often try to hide signs of sickness. This is an instinctive behavior, which helps kitties escape the notice of predators in the wild. However, this can make it hard for people owned by cats to know when their pets are sick. A Westminster, MD vet lists some things to watch out for below.

Poor Grooming

Healthy cats are very diligent about their beauty routines, and will groom themselves daily. If Fluffy is sick, she may not feel up to it. Before long, her coat will show the signs of neglect, and start looking greasy or matted.


This one isn’t always a sign of trouble. Some cats are quite shy, and hide at the first hint of noise or commotion. However, if Fluffy is just nervous, she should emerge when things quiet down. If she seems withdrawn, she could be sick.


Just like people, cats occasionally suffer upset stomachs. However, regular vomiting is definitely not normal.

Respiratory Issues

It’s not a huge deal if Fluffy sneezes on occasion, or makes a cute sound in her sleep. However, coughing, wheezing, gasping, and/or other issues are serious red flags.

Litterbox Woes

Eliminating outside of the litterbox isn’t always caused by health issues, but is definitely cause for concern. Changes in the color, odor, amount, or texture of your kitty’s waste can also indicate illness. Straining to go is a sign that your pet needs immediate veterinary care.


Fluffy’s eyes should be clear and bright, and free of discharge. If you see redness, discharge, or gunk around your furry friend’s eyes, call your vet.

Lack Of Appetite

Our feline pals can be finicky. However, if your kitty just doesn’t like what you offered, she’ll meow for something different. A lack of appetite, however, is often a sign of sickness.

Unusual Behavior or Vocalizations

We know, if our feline patients needed to come in every time they did something odd, our waiting room would always be overflowing with kitties. What you want to look for are things that aren’t normal for your cat, such as a friendly feline becoming aggressive, or a quiet furball suddenly meowing incessantly.

As your Westminster, MD vet clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great care. Please feel free to contact us anytime!