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Dog in CarIn this challenging situation surrounding COVID-19, Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic will be instituting short term protocols in accordance with our state and veterinary governing body’s recommendations. In an effort to comply with social distancing recommendations and protect the health and well-being of our clients, patients, and staff, starting Monday, March, 23, we will be starting curbside check-in. We will try to be as accommodating as possible for all of our clients, as we know, not everyone’s situation is the same. The curbside check-in protocol will be as follows:

  • When you park in Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic’s parking lot, call the front desk at 410-875-5437 to check-in.
    • If you are unable to get through due to large call volumes, please either call right back or just step inside briefly to let the receptionists know you have arrived.
    • The receptionists will have you leave the number at which we can reach you in your car.
  • Once you are checked in, please wait in your car with your pet until you are called by one of our technicians.
  • When a technician calls you, they will go over the reason for your visit, any concerns you may have about your pet, and any scheduled treatments for your pet. You will then be asked to bring your pet to the clinic door or waiting area to transfer your pet to the
    assigned technician.
  • You will then be asked to wait in your car, while your pet is being examined by the doctor inside the clinic.
  • The doctor will then call you to discuss your pet and address any concerns you may have had and, if necessary, discuss any treatment plans.
  • Once the visit is completed, you will be called with the total charges and will have the option to pay by credit card over the phone (preferred) or to step into the clinic to pay your bill. You will then meet with the technician to pick up your pet and any medications that have been prescribed.

We will still be accepting surgical patients and flex appointments as normal. Drop off times will still be from 7:15-7:45am and paperwork will still be gone over by the front desk. If you would like documents to be emailed to you so you can complete them prior to your appointment,
please ask the receptionists and they will be happy to do this for you.

In the case of medication refills and pick-up we ask that you call 24 hours ahead of time, if possible. You will be able to pay over the phone when calling for the refill or when you get to the clinic. When you arrive to the clinic, call the front desk and they will accept payment if
needed and bring your mediation to your car.

Unfortunately, during this time, we will have to suspend most house calls for the safety of our clients and staff. There may be special circumstances in which we could arrange house calls, but those decisions will made on a case by case basis. During this time, we also ask that if you have been traveling recently, have a fever, or other signs of illness that you please make our staff aware prior to your appointment. We will make every effort to see your pet, but special arrangements will have to be made.

The above changes will be in effect until April 6th, 2020. As this situation is ever changing, we will update you as soon as we know if any changes in our protocols. We thank you for your understanding and hope that you are all staying safe and healthy.

Please give us a call at 410-875-5437 with any questions or concerns.

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