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Thanksgiving With Cats

November 15 2020

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many people are starting to make plans for their holiday. If you have a kitty, your feline pal will likely be supervising you very closely as you cook, clean, and decorate. Cats are definitely something to be grateful for! Of course, you’ll want to keep an eye on your kitty, and keep her out of mischief. Here, a local Westminster, MD veterinarian offers tips on spending Turkey Day with Fluffy. 


Fluffy can certainly have some of that delicious turkey, as long as you remove the skin, bones, and fat. In fact, most types of plain, boneless meat, fish, and poultry are safe for cats. You do want to limit organ meats, such as liver, as well as fatty ones, like bacon and sausage. Your cute pet can also have some canned tuna in water, or some deli meat. Ask your vet for specific advice on safe and unsafe treats.


If there’s one thing we know about our feline buddies, it’s that they’re all unique. Some cats are fearless and friendly, and won’t bat an eye as your home fills with guests. In fact, bolder kitties may spend the day hopping from lap to lap, collecting cuddles, stealing chairs, and begging for treats. Others will retreat under the bed as soon as the doorbell rings, and won’t emerge until everyone is gone. If your furball is on the shy side, put her in a quiet room with food, bedding, toys, and a litterbox. Fluffy will be more than happy to sleep through the day … though she very well may end up sleeping on guests’ coats. 


Keep Fluffy in mind when decorating. Small or sharp objects, garlands, candles, and heaters can all be dangerous to playful cats! Heaters, open doors, plastic wrappers, and even many foods are also hazardous.


Give your furry pal something special to get her motor going. Your furry buddy will definitely enjoy some new toys, or perhaps some catnip. A comfy bed is also a good bet. Once everyone is gone, settle in to enjoy some down time with your kitty. There’s no better way to wind down after a long, fun day than by settling in with a purring cat, leftovers, and a good movie.

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic, your local Westminster, MD vet clinic. Call us anytime!