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Holiday Hazards for Playful Pups

December 1 2020

Is your canine buddy still young and rambunctious? If so, you may be in for some adorable moments over the next month. Puppies somehow manage to be even cuter than usual during the holidays. Of course, Fido may also be extra excitable and playful. In this article, a Westminster, MD veterinarian offers some advice on keeping frisky pets safe over the holidays. 

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Many of us are looking forward to those delicious holiday dinners. Fido definitely deserves a special treat! However, be careful what you give him. Some of the things that are dangerous to dogs include garlic, onions, scallions, and chives; chocolate; nuts; caffeine; grapes, currants, and raisins; meat on the bone; alcohol; avocado, and xylitol. It’s worth noting that sometimes small children try to share things with their canine pals. This can be dangerous, as youngsters won’t know what is and isn’t safe. Keep a close eye on your littlest guests.


Holly, ivy, yew, mistletoe, and many other seasonal plants are toxic to dogs. Unfortunately, this won’t necessarily stop Fido from eating them. Keep plants in spots your pooch can’t reach.


Are you having guests? Laying down a few ground rules will help keep things running smoothly. If your furry pal hasn’t gotten past his chewing stage, ask guests not to keep personal items, like shoes, purses, and phones, where Fido can reach them.


Consider your pooch as you hang decorations. Ideally, you want to put the vast majority of your things in higher spots, where Fido can’t get to them. You’ll also need to be careful with the tree. If you get a real tree, cover the water bowl, in case your dog gets any bright ideas about drinking from it. Trees are often treated with things like pesticides, fertilizers, and fire retardant, which can leach into the water. Ribbons, lights, garlands, and tinsel are also concerns, as these can choke or strangle playful pets. Your pup can also hurt himself with fragile ornaments or ornament hooks.


Don’t forget to pick up a few things for your pup! Toys are definitely at the top of Fido’s wish list. Different types of toys serve different needs for dogs. Get your furry friend a variety, and see what he likes best.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic, your Westminster, MD animal clinic. Call us anytime!