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Cat Towers 101

February 1 2021

Does your feline friend have a cat tower to look smug on? If not, you may want to get her one. As it turns out, these are the ‘purrfect’ piece of furniture for Fluffy. Cat towers serve several ‘purrposes’ for kitties. They offer Fluffy a scratching post, which is very important. Your furball will also gain a lookout point, a home gym, and, of course, a few more napping spots. A Westminster, MD vet discusses cat towers below.

Choosing A Tower

Picking out cat furniture isn’t exactly rocket science, but there are some things to keep in mind. The first thing to consider is Fluffy’s age. A kitten will enjoy a tower with lots of fun features, like toys and ladders. An adult cat may just want a manicure station and a lookout point. Senior kitties prefer cat furniture that is soft, comfy, and easy to get on and off. You’ll also need to factor in your cute pet’s personality. A shy cat will likely prefer something that offers enclosed hiding spaces. Got more than one furball? Choose something that will fit all your kitties at once.


Choosing the right location for the tower is also important. If you can, put it in a spot before a window with a good view, so your cat can relax and watch birds and squirrels. If you have a dog that sometimes wants to play when your kitty doesn’t, put the cat tower in a spot where it’s easy for Fluffy to climb when she wants to get away from Fido. (Your feline buddy may also want her tower positioned so that she can grab your sleeve with her claws as you walk past, but that’s optional.)

Refreshing A Tower

Is your furry pal ignoring her tower? If so, there are a few things you can try. Kitties sometimes lose interest in items they see every day, as these things just become part of the background. Turning it or moving it to a different spot may help. If the tower is dirty or matted with cat hair, try vacuuming it or steam cleaning it. If it’s really worn, recover it. If all else fails, tell Fluffy to stay off it. She may jump right on!

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