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Beat The Heat Month

February 1 2022

It’s Beat The Heat Month! Wait, what? February of course isn’t known for high temperatures, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. This is actually a reference to pets going into heat, and the importance of spay/neuter procedures. A Westminster, MD vet discusses the importance of spaying and neutering below.

Beating The Numbers

Spay/neuter surgery is crucial in helping combat pet overpopulation. There are far too many sweet dogs and cats out there on the streets or in shelters! One pair of kitties can have 2, 072, 514 descendants in 9 years: dogs can have 67,000 in just 6.


Your furry buddy will be healthier, calmer, and better behaved after the procedure, and will have lowered or eliminated risks of developing several health issues. They also won’t have the urge to mark their territory or run off in search of love. Plus, pets that have been fixed just tend to be calmer overall.


When should you schedule this procedure? With dogs, size is one factor to consider. According to the AAHA, small dogs should be fixed before their first heat, or by the time they’re about 6 months. With larger dogs, the recommendation is that this be done when Fido is between 5 and 15 months, or when they’ve finished growing. For kitties, most vets recommend having the surgery when Fluffy is between 3 and 6 months. Of course, the procedure can be performed on adult pets as well. 

Routine Surgery

Spay/neuter surgery is very routine and safe. Most pets bounce back quickly and without complications. You’ll need to keep a close eye on your furry pal as they recuperate, though. Make sure they have a good bed and a quiet place to rest for a few days. Your vet will give you aftercare instructions. Follow these very closely! 

How To Help

If you’ve already gotten your own pet fixed, you’ve already taken an important step in helping promote good animal welfare and reducing the numbers of homeless pets. If you want to go a step further, why not help spread the word? Even sharing posts on social media can help. Another thing you can do is support TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) programs. These try to combat overpopulation by trapping and fixing feral and stray cats, and then re-releasing them.

As your Westminster, MD animal clinic, we’re here to help. Contact us anytime!