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Pamper Your Pig On Pig Day

March 1 2022

Today is National Pig Day! More and more people are realizing the charms of our porcine friends, and keeping them as pets. Potbellied pigs are now beloved household animal companions for quite a few people. They’re also quite popular with homesteaders. Read on as a Westminster, MD vet offers some tips on how to spoil Porky on his special day.


If there’s one thing all of our patients enjoy, it’s treats. Some of Porky’s favorites include peanut butter, cereal (particularly Cheerios), grapes, cheese crisps, and popcorn. Just don’t go overboard with the snacks. It may be tempting to let your hooved pal ‘pig out’ but that could lead to obesity.


Porky is extremely smart, and can learn quite a few commands. If your pet hasn’t been harness trained, you’ll want to start with that. You can also start teaching Porky things like Sit and Stay. 


Pigs are very playful, which is one reason they are so cute and fun. Don’t let your porcine pal get ‘boared’! You can give your little (or not so little) buddy puzzle toys, as well as many playthings made for toddlers or dogs. Many pigs also like playing Hide and Seek. Consider hiding toys and treats for Porky.

Proper Habitat

Pigs can make great housepets, but they still need to be outdoors, so they can do pig things like rooting and wallowing. Make sure Porky has a good outdoor spot, even if he usually lives inside.


Many pigs like snuggling up in soft blankets. Pick up a soft throw for Porky. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!


Many pigs are quite affectionate. Porky may like having his ears scratched. Or, he may prefer some belly rubs. Pay attention to your hooved buddy, and just spend time with him. This is actually very important! Many pigs get quite lonely and depressed if they spend too much time in isolation.


Spoiling pigs is cute and fun, but don’t go overboard. That could lead to Spoiled Pig Syndrome. (Yes, that is really a thing.) Pigs can be quite stubborn. That, combined with their intelligence, can lead to behavioral issues. If you let your pet have everything he wants, you may soon find yourself with a grumpy, aggressive, or pushy pig.

Do you have questions about pig care? Contact us, your Westminster, MD animal clinic, today!