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Disrespectful Kitties

March 15 2022

March 28th is Respect Your Cat Day! Kitties certainly demand respect. In fact, out of all of the animals we’ve domesticated, they’re likely the most self-sufficient. As it turns out, Fluffy doesn’t need us: she just decided she prefers being a pampered pet over working for a living. In fact, cats can be a bit disrespectful to us. A Westminster, MD vet lists some examples below.

Paw Smack

Have you ever noticed your furball smacking small objects off your table or counter with her paw? No one really knows why cats do this. One thing we do know? Fluffy clearly doesn’t care about your belongings!

Computer Hack

Cats love finding small, warm places to nap. Unfortunately for us, laptops fit that bill a little too closely. More than one kitty has frustrated their owners by sleeping, sitting, or walking on keyboards.

Bed Theft

Does your furry buddy curl up with you at night? If so, you likely sometimes wake up to find Fluffy has somehow managed to take up over half the bed.

Finicky Furball

Our feline pals can be quite finicky. Fluffy may yell at you to demand you offer her breakfast right meow, only to turn her nose up at what you offer.

Refusing To Come When Called

Have you ever suddenly realized you can’t find your kitty? You may have gotten a little worried when Fluffy didn’t answer you, and started looking, only to find your pet casually sprawled out in a sunbeam, completely ignoring you. Scientists have shown that cats do sometimes deliberately ignore their humans.

Ignoring Furniture

Kitties may love luxury, but they don’t really care about what things cost. More than one of you have at some point bought Fluffy an expensive piece of furniture, only to have her ignore it and sleep in a shoebox instead.


Cats spend as much as 20 hours a day sleeping. However, many of them make sure to be up and about in the middle of the night, so they can wake you up by smacking toys around or pouncing on your toes.

Chair Theft

Have you ever gotten up for something, only to find your opportunistic furball has stolen your chair? Fluffy will probably look pretty pleased with herself … that is, if she’s still awake.


Do you have questions about your disrespectful cat’s health or care? Contact us, your Westminster, MD animal clinic!