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Fun Things To Do For Kids And Pets Day

April 15 2022

April 26th is National Kids And Pets Day! There are few things more adorable than seeing little kids cuddling up with their furry friends. Growing up with pets is actually quite beneficial to children. Studies have shown that kids with pets have better immunity systems, and tend to be more empathic overall. Pets also act as playmates and napping buddies, and can be wonderful sources of cuddles and comfort. Those are definitely things to celebrate! A Westminster, MD vet lists some fun activities below.


Crafts are always a fun way to get kids involved with things. (You can also keep them occupied for a while.) There are plenty of cute homemade toys that they can make Fido or Fluffy!

Photo Session

Two things that always make for adorable photos? Kids and pets! Capture the moment with a fun photo session. Use editing apps and filters to fine-tune your favorites.


Kids and pets make wonderful playmates. Pick up a new toy for Fido and Fluffy. Or, have the youngsters make some toys. Things like homemade catnip mice or rope toys are very easy to make!


There’s always something so charming about kids’ drawings. Have them make a sketch of Fido and Fluffy. 

Homemade Treats

Speaking of making things, another option is to have the kids make some yummy snacks. Here’s an option that’s fine for both dogs and cats: mix some canned tuna or chicken with plain Greek yogurt and some parsley. Divide into small portions, and then bake until crunchy.

Field Trip

This one mostly applies to dogs. Cats really should stay indoors, though if Fluffy likes being walked on a leash, then by all means, indulge her. Take Fido to a local dog park, or explore a new trail. Fresh air, sunlight, and exercise are good for both kids and pets!


Bedtime stories are a classic tradition. Pick an animal-related one, and bring the family pet in for some cuddles as you read. If your little one is having trouble learning to real, have them read aloud to your furry friend.

Movie Time

What better way to wind down than with a great pet movie? You can’t go wrong with fun flicks like The Secret Life Of Pets!

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