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Nigerian Dwarf Goat Care

May 2 2022

Are you considering getting some goats? If so, you may want to look at Nigerian dwarf goats. These guys are very cute and fun. They’re also quite easy to keep! A Westminster, MD vet offers some advice on caring for Billy in this article. 


You should be able to get goat food at a local feed store. Generally, a trough is going to be your best bet for giving your herd grain. Choose one that will fit all of your goats. Otherwise, some of them will get bullied away, and won’t get their dinners.


Goats will eat pretty much anything and everything, and will get most of their nutrition by foraging. Make sure that your land does not contain any toxic plants! It’s also worth mentioning that your goats will eat everything they can reach. Plant accordingly. 


A small barn is ideal for keeping goats. Billy will also need shelter in his pasture. You can use an igloo doghouse or a three-sided shelter for this.

Purchasing Your Goats

Always go through a good breeder for buying goats. Don’t feel obligated to purchase from the first one you find: look around a bit, and read reviews. It’s also a good idea to visit the farm, so you can get an idea of how the goats are kept.


Billy is a bit of an escape artist. Make sure you have a gate that locks securely! 


Goats are herd animals by nature. These guys tend to get quite lonely and distressed without buddies. We recommend getting at least two. You get twice the fun, and Billy will be much happier.

Goat Yard

As we all know, goats love to scale things. Your hooved pals will be much happier if they have things to climb and play on. Use things like cable thread spools, used furniture, pallets, and kids slide sets to make your pasture more fun for Billy and his buddies. Look online for ideas. Just make sure none of your pets’ playthings have sharp edges that could hurt them.

Veterinary Care

Watch for signs of illness. Some of these would include withdrawal, shivering, lethargy, lack of appetite, swollen tummy, unusual vocalizations, pale gums and a dull coat. Call your vet immediately if you notice any of these signs.

Do you have questions about caring for dwarf goats? Contact us, your Westminster, MD animal clinic, today!