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Soothing Nervous Kitties

May 16 2022

Is your kitty a scaredy-cat? Just like people, cats all have unique personalities. Many of our feline friends are bold and fearless. Others? Not so much. Fluffy can be quite nervous and timid! A Westminster, MD veterinarian offers some advice on helping shy cats feel more confident below.


Take time to play with your feline pal daily. Interactive play is best, as it’s both fun and challenging for cats. It’s important for Fluffy to be able to burn off any kitty angst that she feels. After a good ‘workout,’ your pet will probably be a little tired, which will naturally calm her down. Plus, landing that tricky pounce/roll combo can be a great confidence booster!


One of the easiest ways to soothe anxious pets is to just talk to them in a cheerful, soothing manner. This is a good way to bond with your furball, and make her feel safe. Fluffy won’t understand what you’re saying, but she’ll pick up your intent from your tone of voice.

Hiding Spots

Have you ever wondered why cats like boxes so much? It’s because they naturally feel more secure in small spaces. Provide your timid furball with lots of hiding spots, such as pet tents, kitty condos, paper bags with the handles cut off, and, of course, boxes. 


Boredom is just as detrimental for kitties as it is for people. Make sure Fluffy has ways to amuse herself. Music, toys, window seats, and kitty furniture all fit the bill.

Pet-Calming Products

There are many different pet-calming products available for Fluffy, including treats, sprays, and collars. Ask your vet for recommendations, and follow the package directions to the letter!

Veterinary Care

Sometimes cats act jittery because of health issues. Being ill and/or in pain can be as stressful for our feline buddies as it is for us! Schedule a full exam to rule out medical issues.


Simple kitty luxuries, such as comfy beds and cat towers, can go a long way towards keeping Fluffy calm and happy. Provide a safe haven for your furry friend.


You should never force attention on Fluffy, or pick her up against her will. However, just petting your little buddy can help her feel loved and safe. Never underestimate the power of love!

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