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6 Ways To Spoil Your Cows

July 3 2022

Cow Appreciation Day is coming up on the 12th. Cows are often overlooked when it comes to animal rights and welfare. However, these gentle giants also deserve to be treated with kindness … and perhaps spoiled a little. In fact, happy cows produce not only more milk, but better quality milk than sad cows. Read on as a Westminster, MD vet lists some cute ways that you can spoil your bovine buddies.

Roller Brushes

Just like our other patients, cows can get a bit itchy. Bessie can’t really scratch herself, so she often rubs against things to find relief. Consider installing a cow-rolling brush. This looks something like the giant rollers you would see at a car wash … except that you’ll see a line of cows waiting, rather than a line of cars.


Just like any other animal, Bessie enjoys treats. Here’s a cookie recipe that’s bound to get those ears wiggling: Combine steel-cut oats with molasses, honey, shredded carrots, brown sugar, and water. You may need to adjust portions a bit to get the consistency you like. Roll into balls, and bake at 350F. Start with 15 minutes, and add time as needed. Cows also enjoy many fruits and veggies. Ask your vet for recommendations.


A massage can be a little slice of heaven for anyone who has stiff muscles. This is true for cows as well as people! Ask your vet or a licensed animal masseuse for tips.


You’ve heard the old saying that music soothes the savage beast. It also soothes the not-so-savage dairy cow! Play some tunes for Bessie and her friends! What type of MOOsic do cows like? While you can find songs about cows, one study showed a preference to classical. Our second guess? Bluegrass, of course.


Believe it or not, you can get your cows waterbeds to relax on. If you really want to pamper your hooved buddies, this may be the gold star standard! (It’s also cute to see.)

Good Care

At the end of the day, Bessie shouldn’t only be spoiled once a year. Clean shelter, a good diet, plenty of turnout time with pals, and proper veterinary care are really the cornerstones of any good cow care regimen. Ask your vet for specific tips.

As your Westminster, MD animal clinic, we’re dedicated to offering top-notch care. Call us anytime!