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Fluffy’s Summer Plans

July 15 2022

Summer is finally here! We know that many people are thrilled to finally be able to carry out plans that the pandemic put on hold. As it turns out, our feline buddies have a few things on their agendas as well. Read on as a Westminster, MD vet lists a few things your kitty has planned for the next few months.


Cats do not actually run on solar power. However, they don’t seem to have ever gotten that memo, as they certainly do enjoy charging their catteries by lounging about in the sun. It’s probably safe to say that you’ll find your furry pal sprawled out in lots of sunny spots this summer.


Fluffy is a truly skilled hunter. In fact, house cats kill billions of small animals every year. Your feline friend may look adorably proud of herself when she drops that poor chipmunk on your porch, but it’s best to curtail this classic kitty pastime. The exception, of course, is if you have a barn and/or farm, in which case those mouse-hunting skills may come in handy.

Windshield Art

Do you let your furball go outdoors? If so, you’ll probably find a few kitty paw art masterpieces on your car, especially just after it’s been washed. (Tip: we strongly recommend keeping cats inside, as it’s just much safer for them.)


Kitties are remarkably flexible. This is due to the way their joints are shaped. Cats also understand how important it is to stretch regularly and stay flexible. Take a hint from your furry friend, and remember to stretch every day!


If your furball hasn’t been fixed yet, she may spend the summer looking for love. Her preferred method of trying to attract a mate? Singing. Or, at least what kitties think of as singing. To us, it’s closer to nails on a chalkboard. (Trust us: this alone is reason enough to get Fluffy fixed.)


No matter what season it is, Fluffy will diligently keep up with her busy nap schedule. It’s not always easy to fit those 32 daily snoozes in!


Have you ever looked at your cat and noticed that she has a very smug, self-assured look on her face? Our feline overlords may be planning something!

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