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Things That Keep Senior Cats Happy

September 1 2022

Did you know that cats are living longer, on average, than ever before? Your feline pal now has a pretty good chance of living well into her teens, or maybe even into her 20’s. And while you’ll most likely notice slow, gradual changes, rather than fast, drastic ones, your furry friend will need some extra care in her golden years. A Westminster, MD vet lists some things that can keep your aging furball purring in this article.


Given that Fluffy has spent the majority of her life working on her napping skills, it probably isn’t a huge surprise to find that she’ll be an absolute master by the time she gets old. Make sure she has plenty of beds to choose from. Ideally, she should have at least one in each room.

Ease Of Access

As your furry buddy gets older, she’ll find it more and more difficult to jump and climb onto things. Get her some pet furniture that’s easy for her to get on and off. Senior-friendly litterboxes are also a good bet. You may also want to put pet ramps or stairs near your bed, so Fluffy can get on and off more easily.


Fluffy may get quite stiff and sore, particularly if she develops arthritis. This is very common in older pets: about 90 percent of our feline buddies develop arthritis by the age of ten. This can make it hard for your kitty to bend and stretch, which will in turn prevent her from thoroughly grooming herself. Brush your cat daily to keep her fur smooth and clean. (Tip: this is also a great time to check for lumps, bumps, lesions, sensitive spots, and other signs of trouble.)


Fluffy probably won’t be racing down the hall in the middle of the night very often, but she’ll still have her zoomy moments. Take time to play with her, even if it’s just holding a laser pointer for her to pounce on. Exercise and stimulation are just as good for kitties as they are for us!

Veterinary Care

Fluffy may not be thrilled about her actual appointment, but she’ll be much more comfortable with proper care. Regular exams can detect issues long before cats display symptoms! Follow your vet’s recommended appointment schedule.

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