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Enrichment For Pigs

September 15 2022

Did you know that pigs are among the smartest animals on the planet? Pigs have very specific care needs, just like other animals. They need good food, a proper diet, and a comfy environment, which should include areas for sleeping, eating, play, and rooting. Of course, it’s also important to give your pigs something to do. Bored pigs are unhappy pigs. A Westminster, MD vet discusses pig enrichment in this article.

Treat Toys

Pigs are foragers by nature, so it’s not really a surprise that they love to root around for food. Treat dispensers are great for this. You can try out different ones: some of the ones made for dogs and cats will work well. You can also make your own. Many food or drink containers will work for this. For example, you can use sour cream containers, juice bottles, or oatmeal tubes. As to what to put in it, you can try things like seeds, nuts, cereals, and popcorn. Ask your vet for specific advice on treats.


Pigs use mud to roll around and get relief from weather or parasites. Give your little buddy a mud bath to play around in!


Sandboxes can be lots of fun for pigs. Just make sure that your porcine friend doesn’t eat the sand! Hiding treats will allow your pig to root around, indulging those natural behavioral instincts. Rooting boxes are another good option. You can make a simple frame out of a few pieces of wood. Add some hay, and then hide some treats and safe toys, such as stuffed animals, beneath it. You’ll also want to put something down that will offer Porky good traction, such as a rubber mat. 

Foraging Toys

This is another way to let your pig indulge their natural instincts for sniffing out toys and treats. You can make treat dispensers out of milk gallon jugs, juice bottles, or even PVC pipe. Another option is to attach two dairy crates together, and put some yummy snacks inside.


Did you know that pigs can learn tricks? Teaching Porky to obey certain commands, such as Sit, Stay, and Come, isn’t just cute: it can also come in really handy. You may even be able to teach your porcine pal to play piano!

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