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Fluffy’s Worst Resolutions

January 1 2023

Happy New Year! No matter what your plans are for 2023, your kitty will be right there with you, judging you as you try new things, and cheering you on with purrs, cuddles, and endless live entertainment. Our feline pals also have a few things on their own agenda for the coming year. However, Fluffy’s goals may not sit well with her humans. A Westminster, MD vet lists some pretty unpopular kitty resolutions in this article.

Fur Things Properly

Kitties have very pretty coats, and they aren’t exactly shy about sharing them with us. Your furball may decide to be more diligent about making sure the fur she leaves around is properly spread out.

Learn To Sing

Have you ever heard an amorous furball singing love songs in the middle of the night? Apparently cats actually find this appealing. The best way to sabotage your furry pal’s singing career? Get her fixed! We recommend spaying for many reasons, such as preventing unwanted litters and improving behavior. However, just being spared Fluffy’s singing is probably ample reason on its own.  

Hairball Placement

Hairballs are not the best part of having a cat. However, Fluffy does seem to take pride in leaving them where they’re most likely to be stepped on. (If your kitty gets a lot of hairballs, talk to your vet: this can be a sign of medical issues.)

Keep Counters Clear

Does your cat sometimes knock things onto the floor? Fluffy may be trying to help you out by keeping tables and counters clear. She may also try to assist with changing the sheets and packing suitcases.

Bring More Gifts

Back in older times, we really prized cats for their hunting skills. However, these days, not everyone is thrilled when their feline friends proudly bring them dead animals. (Fluffy apparently didn’t get that memo.)

Perfect The Pounce

Fluffy may decide to work on her hunting skills this year … by practicing  on you! Provide plenty of more suitable victims, such as catnip mice.

Spend Time With The Human

Our feline buddies really do enjoy spending time with us. Your kitty may show this in strange ways, however, such as by following you around, trailing you into the bathroom, and occasionally trying to trip you. 

All of us here at Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic, your Westminster, MD animal clinic, wish you a wonderful new year. Contact us anytime!