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Reasons To Love Alpacas

January 15 2023

Over recent years, there’s definitely been an uptick in people that are interested in living off the grid and/or just becoming a bit more self-sufficient by starting microfarms. While cows, pigs, goats, and chickens will probably always be the most popular types of farm animals, alpacas are also gaining some fans … and with good reason! A Westminster, MD vet lists some of the alpaca’s best traits below.

They Make Good Guardians

Did you know that alpacas make pretty good guardians? Your four-legged pals will make a racket if there’s a predator around. They can even help protect other herds!

Easy Feeders

Alpacas don’t eat as much as most other large animals. As far as food, pasturage is ideal, though you may need to offer hay and/or grain, depending on your pets’ needs and the quality of your pasture.

They’re Cute

Alpacas may not be the most intelligent of our animal companions, but they are extremely charming and lovable. It’s almost impossible not to smile at their adorable goofy faces! They also come in many different colors.

They’re Clean

One alpaca habit that you may really appreciate? Cleanliness! In fact, these fluff balls often choose a specific area to use as a bathroom. That not only makes cleaning up after them much easier, it also helps reduce the spread of parasites. Plus, they don’t have a strong smell, which means that flies aren’t as drawn to them as they are to other types of livestock.


Alpaca wool can be very profitable. It’s super soft, much like cashmere. And, because it’s all natural, it’s a great option for anyone with allergies and/or sensitive skin. 

They Make Great Gardeners

If you’re looking for an adorable lawnmower, well, look no further. Alpacas don’t pull grass out by the root: they just snip off the tops. Plus, their manure can make great fertilizer!

Easy Care

Alpacas are quite easy keepers. You’ll need to provide fresh water, shelter, and veterinary care, but aside from those basics, your wooly pets will need minimal daily care. Ask your vet for specific advice.


We could write a whole other blog about the many cute and endearing traits alpacas have. Here’s a good one: many alpacas make humming noises when they’re happy! 

Do you have questions about caring for an alpaca? Contact us, your local Westminster, MD animal clinic, today!