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Signs That Your Cat is Plotting World Domination

June 15 2021

There’s a pretty ostentatious pet holiday coming up. June 24th is Cat World Domination Day! Our feline overlords are very small, so they’d have to be quite clever to conquer the world. Then again, Fluffy is quite formidable in her own way. After all, she has taken over a pretty large chunk of the internet. As it turns out, she may have been working on becoming Supreme Leader all along. A Westminster, MD vet notes some of the evidence of this below.


Does your cat sometimes weave in front of you to let you know she wants dinner right meow ? Does she yell at you when you move her mid-nap or nudge her off your lap? Fluffy may be working on ways to keep you in line!

Battle Training

Does your furball sometimes attack your shoelaces? Does she pounce on your sheets, or smack toy mice down the hall? These seemingly innocent playful antics may have been kitty combat training all along.


Did you know that cats purr at frequencies that are naturally healing and calming to us? Is Fluffy running her little motor to lull us into complacency?


The next time Fluffy dashes out at you from behind the couch, or creeps up on Fido at a very slow speed, pay attention! Your furball may be working on ambush maneuvers.


Our feline pals have a habit of just staring at their humans. That smug stare may not be as innocent as you think. Fluffy may be trying Jedi mind tricks on you.


There wouldn’t be much point in dominating the world if you didn’t know how to run it. Fluffy would need to pick up some pointers about leadership and economics. Of course, kitties can’t read, so they learn by osmosis … purrticularly by sleeping on top of our books, magazines, and computers.


If you let your feline buddy go outdoors, your pet may proudly present you with a (dead) gift on occasion. Most people appreciate the sentiment, if not the present itself. However, this may have been Fluffy’s way of trying to strike fear into your heart.

Kitty Rage

Does Fluffy sometimes knock things off your table or counter? This too may be a show of force!

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