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Cow Appreciation Day

July 1 2021

There’s some pretty interesting news—or moos —on the horizon. Cow appreciation Day is July 13. Cows really just want the simple things in life: shelter, sunlight, green grass, and some buddies to enjoy these things with. Although many people raise cows for milk or meat, more and more people are realizing it’s much more fulfilling to give Bessie a good life. We believe all animals should be treated with respect and dignity, so we’re all in on cow appreciation! A  Westminster, MD vet discusses pampering Bessie below.

Reasons To Appreciate Cows

We know, if you were to list reasons to appreciate cows, dairy products may very well  be the first thing that comes to mind. However, Bessie has a lot more to offer than a supply of milk and cheese. Cows are actually very smart. They’re also extremely social, and can form very close bonds with their humans and their herd mates. Plus, they’re adorable!

How To Spoil A Cow

First things first: make sure your cows have good pasturage or feed; a clean, comfy shelter; fresh water; and regular veterinary care. Those are just the basics, though. Like any other animal, Bessie is pretty fond of treats. Some of the things your bovine buddy may go ‘cowsy’ for include apples, bananas, pears, and pumpkins. Your vet can give you more information on what to  feed your hooved buddy. Fans are also pretty popular with cows. As one can imagine, cows can get pretty itchy in summer. One thing that is guaranteed to be a hit with your hooved pals? A cow brush! These look kind of like the brushes you see at a car wash. Many cows also enjoy playing with balls.

Happy Cows

Like any other animal, cows are happiest when they feel loved. Spending time with Bessie is both relaxing and fulfilling. It’s also a great mood booster. In fact, if you pay attention to your cows, you’ll notice they have some adorable ways of communicating when they’re happy. They may wiggle their ears at you, lick your face, or just come over to say hi. 

Cow Up

The best way to really appreciate cows is to be appreciated by them! If you have the room, time, and budget, consider adopting some rescue cows. They’ll definitely brighten up your days!

Do you have questions about cow care? Contact us, your Westminster, MD veterinary clinic, anytime.