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Summer Pig Care

July 15 2021

Have you recently adopted a pig? Whether you’re homesteading, or have chosen a mini-pig as a pet, you’ll need to take some precautions to keep Porky cool over the next few months. Summer heat is just as dangerous for pigs as it is for other animals! A local Westminster, MD vet offers some summer pig care tips below.


Keeping animals hydrated is extremely important in summer. Your pig should always have shade and clean water available.


Did you know that Porky likes swimming? Your cute pet may like his own little kiddie pool to splash around in. Pick one with soft sides, that he can easily get in and out of.

Skin Care

Sunburns are just as painful for pigs as they are for us. Giving Porky mud to roll around in can help prevent burns. You may need to put sunscreen on your porcine pal.

Pig In A Blanket

It may be tempting to let Porky sleep in a room with the AC cranked, but be careful not to go overboard. Pigs get chilly very easily! Make sure your pet has bedding or comfy blankets to snuggle up in.

Heat Stroke

Like any other animal, pigs are in danger of overheating at this time of year. Keep a close eye out for warning signs. Some of these include panting, a rapid pulse, fever, lethargy, and trembling. You may be tempted to pour water over Porky to cool him down, but that advice is (literally) hogwash: this can actually make pigs go into shock. Put him in a container or kiddie pool of cool—not cold—water instead. Then, contact your vet for further instructions.


Mosquitos, fleas, and other biting insects can make pigs quite miserable. (This is another reason it’s good for pigs to have mud pools.) Keep an eye out for bug bites. Use only non-toxic pest control methods to keep bugs off your property. Make sure Porky is current on vaccines and parasite control.


Who doesn’t enjoy a cold treat on summer days? Porky can enjoy some frozen fruits and veggies. You can use things like ripe bananas or melons, or those strawberries you forgot to eat. Freeze them in water, using a mold, and then let your pet have them. Ask your vet for more suggestions.

Do you have questions about pig care? Contact us, your Westminster, MD animal clinic, anytime.